Monday, November 15

{delightful} Pie Pie adorable PIE!

Pie Contest 2010!
This was not my pie but its so pretty!

Our local and very cool - White Rock Local Market & the Green Spot - housed what is sure to be an annual fun event for us pie lovers! A pie contest!

There were more than 35 pies! Berry, chocolate, coconut, pumpkin, praline, chess, pecan, meringue, whipped cream, crumb, apple.
I would like a slice of each please!
All homemade with love and pride!

This is my pie - pumpkin meringue pie with ginger macademia crust : )

So I toiled a little trying to decide what pie to make .. how could I choose for one is no more better than the other... there are oodles of them. They each have their own personality and are supreme in their own way.

So here is a short list of the pies I want to make and why:

fresh cherry pie because the taste of tart and sweet is never better than in this pie
creamy pumpkin creamy and traditional - my moms is the best
apple - you can't beat it - always cheers you up
chocolate cream - it takes me back to being a kid - it is what I always picked at the Queen Ann Cafateria
pecan - rich rich rich - the toasted nut flavor - ahhhh
mixed berry - when the berries are in season it ushers me into summer
peach with ice cream - i could lick the bottom of the plate - no , really!
coconut - its my brothers favorite
chocolate with blackberries - doesn't that sound sexy?
banana cream - its my husbands favorite

NO NO ... I must stop ... but you know I could go on.

You see that's the deal ... there are just so many pies out there each one that tells a little story of who likes it or why it is special.

... Perhaps I AM the PIE WHISPERER ....

How fun is pie, made by hand with a little of this and a little of that which makes it uniquely yours. If you have been scared to try and make a pie the time has come. Join us pie lovers. You won't regret it. Click on the link and it will take you to a recipe... enjoy!



Shari Lidji said...

next year my year. thanks for the beautiful photos and fun commentary! i feel like i was there!! xoxo

Bryan said...

Look at all those beautiful pies! Ok "pie whisperer" everything looks/sounds great.

citymouse said...

I think this event would just about make my husband's heart stop! He and I part ways on our pie-loving (me, pecan and cherry... him pumpkin and apple) with him usually prevailing. I am trying my hand at a chocolate tart for Thanksgiving but have a few pumpkin pies in the work too.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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