Tuesday, December 14

{in the glass} claire's candy cane cocoa

Did you think I was gone?????? Nope not so fast. I have had to give myself a break from blogging to take care of the home base - so to speak. All is good ... I mean when you have your daughter whipping up some candy cane cocoa as a little treat - life is good!

Sometimes it is just the little things that make the holidays come alive. Like cranking up the music after dinner and everyone having to show their moves. The kids are so embarrassed when I try to do the "stanky leg" I just don't know why. Really I keep telling them that I have the moves ... that they should be impressed, take note, cherish that their mother still has the moves.

Its a hard sell!

Although the temps have been mild I long for a winter wonderland. Where the cold on your fingers and toes remind me of how crisp and clean nature is. And the warmth of the indoors just feels like home!

and the smiles that come with sledding - can't be replaced!

and when you are done .. you are done!

And you are ready for a little cocoa ... Ooops almost forgot the recipe!

claire's candy cane cocoa by claire

4 cups milk - whole is best
4 candy canes crushed

heat milk and candy canes until the candy is dissolved
pour heated candy cane milk into cups.

Mix in your favorite hot cocoa mix (or make some real stuff)
Add a drop of vanilla.

top with whipped cream and crushed candy canes.

enjoy with your family & friends!


Bryan said...

Nice to see you back, I have missed your thoughts and your wonderful eye. Your photos really rock it out! \

The cocoa sounds wonderful!

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