Wednesday, December 23

{secret indulgence} -drive by dipper

Hi, my name is ann, and I am a drive by dipper. "hi ann.".

Ok - yesterday I posted hot fudge ... as it sits on my stove I wish I could count how many times my kids and myself have indulged in the "drive by dip". I admit it ... I am a drive by dipper. I am sure there is a meeting, a support group that I could join. I mean it is right there ... and it's hot fudge really how can I resist. Pretzels, a cookie, banana, nuts and yes a spoon and occasionally (a finger.) An addiction of sorts. Hope you have some drive by dipping going on in your house!



Char said...

all i can think about is plunging a big fat mashmallow in there!! gorgeous

Merry Christmas!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

WHAT an AMAZING holiday tradition that could be started here too!
We have a "Drive BY Glug wine(mulled wine)...always on the stove"...this works for the adults but not for the kids however.
Enjoy your Xmas!
Until the New Year!

amy said...


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