Thursday, December 31

{delightful} ice cream mint pie

It's my 11 year-olds 11th birthday today. New Years Eve baby. 11 - growing, football, baseball, anything outdoors. Eating, watching tv, playing games... muscles, leg hair (yikes) - growing up. He is a wonderful boy with a huge heart and a hard worker to boot. It is always a special day!!!! Happy Birthday big boy... don't grow up too quickly.

chocolate mint ice cream pie by ann west

1 package famous wafer chocolate cookies
4 - 5 tbls butter

In a food processor blend the wafers and add the butter
press this mixture into a pie dish and freeze (10 min)

1 quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream (or peppermint or any other yummy icecream) - softened
1 jar good quality fudge sauce ( or make your own) - room temperature

once crust is set gently spoon in ice cream and freeze again. (30 min)

once ice cream is set gently spoons and spread hot fudge and freeze again.

pile on some whip cream and enjoy! - also if you want to dress it up a bit try drizzling with some creme de menthe!


amy said...

that looks delicious! Happy birthday to D. Have a happy new year!!!

sue whiteside said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUNCAN!! It's hard to believe you are 11. All of the Whitesides wish you a Happy Birthday.

We love you!