Monday, March 22

{delightful} coconut ice cream balls

The last day of spring break looked something like this....

Unbelievable... and it is 65 degrees today...

We had one last shot at the winter wonderland...

Here is a simple and quick way to have fun and dress up ice cream. I was inspired by the snow on those beautiful pink flowers. This is a beautiful dessert to serve at a dinner party or make it more casual for kids with sprinkles. I would probably serve this in a puddle of chocolate fudge sauce or my favorite liquor.

Coconut Ice Cream Balls by ann west

Soften your favorite ice cream.
Toast your fresh coconut
Roll your ice cream ball in the coconut (or nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles or a combo)
Immediately return to freezer and let set.

Serve in a puddle of kitty's hot fudge sauce. Or for an adult version serve with your favorite liquor. Enjoy!


sailor glam said...

beautiful ann! love your photos and coconut makes me happy.

amy said...

this used to be my favorite when I was a kid...still is with a dribble of hot fudge! yum. amy

Christina said...

this is a dessert, that i would love to make and eat.

frenchie said...

everytime i am amazed at your talent at capturing things, colors, shapes...the snow of these pink flowers!!??
just stunning!

no need to say coconut icecream is so delish i'm mouthwatering!

happy weekend!