Monday, April 5

{the dish} Easy Roasted Turkey Breast

photo by ann west

My life has been busy. Busier than normal. Three kids, sports, volunteering, auction projects, trying to workout, make summer plans, taking photos, cooking, cleaning, being supportive ... it has been a whirl wind lately. So here's a go to recipe that is easy and always good. Leftovers are fabulous so get a big ole turkey breast!

Easy Roasted Turkey Breast by ann west

You want a good size all natural turkey brest. Thawed and rinsed.
2 large sweet onions sliced thin
2 lemons
olive oil
3 tbls butter
1/2 cup white wine
fresh thyme if you have it
salt and pepper

Rinse and pat dry your turkey. Slice your onions. Melt the butter and mix it with the wine. Pour this over your turkey and stuff the cavity with a lemon slice in half and some thyme and some of the onion. Place the remaining onions around the breast and drizzle with olive oil. Salt and pepper generously.

Cook your breast according to directions based on its weight. I do cover mine for at least 40 min of the cooking time. You may need to add some chicken broth or more wine/butter mix as cooking the breast does not give off much liquid. I like to add fingerling potatoes, carrots and green beans so they can roast for 45 mins to and hour as well. Then everything is done and comes out together. How great is that! Warning don't skip on the onion. I love the flavor of these onions with a bit of the turkey drippings... they are outstanding!


amy and ann said...

I may just have to make this this week as the idea of easy and leftovers is huge with our busy schedules! I love that you posted this! thanks!!

frenchie said...

oh lady...i might as well give up right away my post holiday/post Easter diet.
i mean why would i give up all that goodness?
your pictures make food look so much better than it will ever in my kitchen...*sigh*

frenchie said...

btw...who's the new doggy on the right??? cute!