Wednesday, January 13

{grabbing greens} blue cheese & apple slaw

Here is a piggy back recipe for you. Yesterday I posted blue cheese dressing. Well last night I made a blue cheese & apple slaw with a tweak to the dressing. I think this slaw would be really great on a sandwiches and to accompany beef. Apples are always good with cheese and have a nice sweetness and crunch. I hope you like it.

blue cheese slaw by ann west

**for gluten free remember to add feta instead of blue cheese!
add 2 -3 tbls sugar
add 2-3 tbls vinegar
stir or shake these into the above dressing.

to make the slaw:
fresh parsley if you have it
slice red cabbage very thin
slice some red onion very thin
slice some firm apples thin
toss with dressing and let stand


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Sounds so easy...and SO yummy!
Have a great day Ann!

Char said...

oh perfect for a beef sandwich.


amy and ann said...

i wonder if matt would eat? I think this looks good.
:) amy