Thursday, October 22

{crave} couscous salad

I have a craving for this salad today {for this pink thoughts Thursday!}

couscous salad by ann west

pine nuts
feta cheese
grape tomatoes cut
red onion
black olives
fresh spinach - chopped
red pepper flakes
pinch salt
pepper to taste
olive oil
lemon juice

Toss all ingredients together. Add about 2 - 3 tbls olive oil and the juice of the entire lemon. Season again to taste. If you have fresh basil toss that in as well. enjoy!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Your Couscous salad sounds wonderful...
to make it really Pink...I've made couscous and then added roasted Beets...cut them up into tiny voila..."Pink Couscous"...the colour is quite spectacular!

ann said...

I love beets. I will have to try. The beets with goat cheese and couscous.... I feel a new post coming on. Thanks for the idea!

DesBisoux said...

awesome picture Ann. very delicate. you just want to sit and stare.

Christina said...

this will hold me over, this weekend. yum!