Wednesday, October 21

{secret indulgence} - the first taste

Ice cream is one of my favorite treats. But I have to admit my secret indulgence now..... The best ice cream, the ultimate single spoonful, is the first scoop you can get after you arrive home from the store. It is a habit I can't break. Every (I really mean every) time I go to the store and return home, as soon as I can I pop the top off the ice cream tub and sink my spoon into the soft and creamy ice cream - I do it. The ice cream is the perfect consistency. Its funny ... even when I have tried to recreate the act... you know letting the ice cream sit out on the counter after it has been in my freezer. Its not the same.

Just the other day I let my youngest son in on the deal. I think the others kids had play dates and he had to go to the store with me. When we came home and I brought out two spoons and we indulged. He loved it and totally agreed with me. He was so excited the next time a gallon came home from the store. He looked at me and said, "Mom should I get the spoons?"

by all means... YES!


ice cream just home from the store
someone to share your secret with


DesBisoux said...

love that story Ann!! it's the cuttest habit! and i love that you got one of your children hooked as well!
have a lovely

amy said...

so funny! loved the meal last night! Did you?!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

What a great treat to share with one of your kids...I can totally relate...
Thanks for sharing your secret!
Have a wonderful day!

Char said...

oh, how sweet to share that secret

i love it too

Christina said...

absolutely adorable! i love your style!