Friday, October 23

pete's party : post #5 : It's party time

#5 reason to love pete : Happy Birthday Peter. I love you.

The day has come. We are ready to go. Invitations sent, decorations gathered, menu decided, music arranged and entertainment? that is what the wine is for. I know we will have a blast. The work is well worth it.

I can't wait. oops... time to figure out what to wear. Cheers!


DesBisoux said...

so your bro and mine both have their birthday on October 23??
how funny!
Happy birthday Pete!!!

I hope, i'm sure you'll have a fabulous time! enjoy and make beautiful memories...


ps. wanna know what you'll wear...

amy and ann said...

happy birthday pete! wish we could be there!!! i know it will be a perfect memory!!!! Until next time, amy :)

Christina said...

Happy birthday!! He will have a unforgettable time.
Good luck, lovely.