Tuesday, February 16

{recipe box} pot stickers and lettuce wraps

Dumplings, pot stickers, pan fried, boiled ... little pockets filled with a savory insides dipped in a perfect blend of salt, heat and sweet! what ever - they are all good!

This meal was a blast. Fun to make ... so good. We made three fillings which... yes... was a bit to ambitious. (shrimp & pork, egg & scallion, and shitake mushroom). Next time I will simplify and make just one. The recipes that I worked with were from the magazine "Fine Cooking". If you haven't picked one up.. try it out...it is a fabulous cooking magazine. Great tips and wonderful steps if you like to create in the kitchen!

The shrimp and pork filling was our favorite ... next time I might just add in the mushrooms to that and maybe some water chestnuts. Remember when using any recipe try the filling. It should be tasty. If not you need to add more so it tastes the way YOU want it to! We used store bought wonton wrappers found in the freezer section. They were GREAT!

The leftover fillings made some wonderful small lettuce wraps with romaine lettuce. delicious!

And here was our very fun, family dinner of pot stickers, lettuce wraps and edamame. The kids had a blast and wanted more. Good times!

pot sticker & dipping sauce recipes found here! If you check out Fine Cooking's home page (click below on image) I think they even have a vidoe of how to make these dumplings. Resourses, resourses.... I love it!

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**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

YUM...I would never know where to start with dumplings...but you've made it look easy and those lettuce wraps look tasty!
Have a lovely weekend Ann.