Monday, February 8

{menu ideas} a week with mom

Mom is coming this week. I can't wait. It has been a long time since I spent a week with mom. We will shop, go to a movie, rent a movie, talk, talk, talk and of course we will cook. She has been my inspiration in the kitchen my entire life. Really her life is just darn inspiring.

She cooks wonderfully. Her meals are healthy and always good. My mother has been cooking for herself for a long time. Just her. She has managed to find inspiration in cooking for herself. She is constantly experimenting, exploring and rediscovering recipes. My mom has a way of making even the simple dishes or meals special. I love the way my mother always sets up a tray or sets a place setting. She makes it special even if it is just for her. I can just see her breakfast tray... with a poached egg, whole wheat toast, spinach and a sliced strawberry... and probably a spring of a flower in a tiny vase. I love that she does that for herself!

I hope I can convince her to guest blog for me ... it would be a treat... we will see. This is what I am planning to make for my mom so far.

a week with mom!

chicken with lentils & a ceasar type salad with a soft boiled egg

eat out Thai food - yum! she never gets to eat out

lamb burgers with hummus, tabouli, and taziki & a greek type salad

beef fillets with asparagus, roasted tomatoes, and mashed potatoes

grilled chicken, broccoli, wild rice


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

A week with Mum, sounds perfect!
OOOoooh, this would be great if you could get her to guest blog!

amy said...

oh how fun!!! yes, get her to guest blog one of her great recipes! Photo opt!!

sue whiteside said...

Your Mom is such an inspirational cook! Awesome.....

Your menu looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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