Sunday, February 28

{crave} buffalo slaw dog

My kids and I miss "Big D Dogs" Greenville Ave, of Dallas TX. It was a darling hot dog joint that had amazing hot dogs, fries and shakes. My kids favorite "banana creme pie shake". Really who couldn't love that!

I became smitten with their slaw dog. A toasted bun, with a fabulous all beef kosher hot dog, tangy and sweet slaw and a spicy chili to boot. It was "the bomb".

I have feebly tried to recreate this "crave" in a slightly more healthy way. My slaw dog was good but in all honesty - not quite as good as "Big D's Dogs" but not bad either! My son had his sans slaw... still good though!

buffalo slaw dog by ann west

buffalo hot dogs - whole foods - boiled or grilled
slaw - minted from amy and ann or your favorite
chili - your favorite
whole wheat buns

many napkins, or paper towels
As I tell my kids it isn't good unless it is messy. So have fun!

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Christina said...

hey friend!
this looks yum!! i have been craving a nathan's lately. maybe this weekend, i can grab a pack and try it with this slaw. toasted bun? yummy!