Monday, March 1

{menu ideas} grilled lamb, smashes, & garlic green beans

It all started with a sale on lamb chops. A few spudded out potatoes and some green beans.

Some garlic seared green beans in olive oil. Basic "more healthy than not", smashed potatoes: chicken broth, milk, salt and pepper and yes a little butter.

A little olive oil on the chops and some rosemary from the garden. Of course salt and pepper too.

But this is where the dinner took a turn, a learning experience, a bouncing off point... in a few seconds my grill was aflame. WOW! I took them off, did my best to salvage my dinner.

A little crisp on the outside but actually the perfect med. rare on the inside. YEEEeeeHAAaaa!

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amy said...

looks so good ann!