Wednesday, January 20

{crave} cream of wheat

"please sir can i have some more?"

I think cream of wheat will always remind me of my big brother. He used to make it in the morning before school when we were young. When it is cooked just right it is creamy, but not watery, thick, but not a paste. My brother had it down. It is pure comfort food for me. (The only down side - that dirty pan. It is a pain to get clean.) I like mine with a tad of butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar or maple syrup. A blueberry or two as well.

I crave this after a run in the cold weather. It does the trick!!! Make as directed on box but use 1/2 water and 1/2 milk and stir slowly. (That's my brothers tip by the way). enjoy!


amy said...

bitter sweet for me. This USED to b emy favorite! I woudl eat it every morning and late eve if I could still eat gluten. Yum. I miss it. Enjoy it double for me!

amy and ann said...

yipppee for the blog updates. look fab! amy

Daisy said...

I havent thought about Cream of Wheat in a very long time! Wow .. I can almost taste it in my mouth right now. I grew up in Michigan and the winters were cold and this was the perfect warm breakfast before sledding!! I liked mine with tons of butter!

Anonymous said...

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