Friday, January 22

{menu ideas} catching up

Having a little dinner with friends tonight. Casual, fun a time to get caught up. Sometimes I feel like I see friends and have conversations but really haven't caught up. We have talked about kids, homework, schedules ... but we haven't penetrated the surface. I look forward to fun conversation and lots of laughs!

Here is my menu:

(appetizer via a guest)

marinated flank steak
grilled winter vegetables
parmesan risotto
(salad via guest)

chocolate cream pie
(at my son's request - not that I mind!)

Have a wonderful Friday!


Char said...

yum!! and catching up with friends? perfect

LobotoME said...


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

The menue sounds mouth is...and it's only 10.30am!
Hope it went well.

frenchie said...

ok lady, you must get tired of it but YES, i love your pictures!