Monday, December 21

{sharing meals} - christmas eve

I love Christmas Eve. The excitement is at its peak. The crazy running around is almost over. Everyone is happy. We don't have a ton of traditions around Christmas Eve. Pretty basic. We get together, have a yummy meal and the kids get to open their gift from us. We sprinkle a little magic deer food in the yard and leave a plate of cookies, milk and carrot (for the deer) for santa. I love this night!

I usually host Christmas Eve in our family and I usually try to do something different every year. Although this year I was a little stumped. But I think I have finally decided. (Although I am impulsive when it comes to cooking so a trip to the store may sway me - ha) Here is my menu for this year and some from years past. I will post recipes later this week. Happy planning!

2009 christmas eve menu
shrimp cocktail
mushroom pot with crostini

steak and bacon tornado
bearnaise sauce
broccoli rabe
twice baked potatoes or sage potatoes

bread pudding with chocolate chunks and rum sauce

Past Menus

Standing rib roast with garlic mashes and asparagus salad
Roasted sausages with sage, mashed potatoes, sauteed red cabbage
Beef Tenderloin, asparagus, cheese grits
Crawfish Etouffee over rice with a salad
Seafood Gumbo over rice with a salad
Beef Bourguignon over egg noodles with a salad

Menus I considered

Lasagna (Ken's families tradition)
Pasta with 2 kinds of sauce, red and clam
Enchiladas and tamales with beans and salad

I hope this gives you a few ideas. I will post my recipes in a day or two. Happy Days to you!


Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds wonderful

we're the traditionalist with beef tenderloin

Anonymous said...

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Christina said...

steak and bacon tornado?! Sounds great! I am wondering what it is!
Happy Holidays, friend.

amy and ann said...

yummy yum yum! hope recipes follow. Happy cooking Ann.
amy :)