Saturday, December 5

{field trip} oh i love cheese!

Just this past week Amy and I left the chaos of our homes for a fun night out discovering cheese and enjoying a night off. We left our husbands in charge of getting the kids to practices, making sure homework was done and off to bed at a decent time... It was the "cheesemongers birthday surprise!"

If you love cheese then, Scardello's Artisan Cheese Shop is a must see. This is little place has a warm atmosphere with an endless array of cheeses and wines and a fun and knowledgeable staff. We tasted all kinds of wonderful cheese - the cheesemonger, Rich Roger's birthday picks paired with some yummy wine. I so appreciated Rich's enthusiasm for cheese, wine, friends and food.

My personal favorites from the night were a wonderful creamy cows milk cheese called, Seastack from the Mt. Townsend Creamery. It was served with a great little champagne, Deutz Brut. My second favorite was the Appenzeller from the Beeler, Switzerland. It was a cheese that Amy and I both agreed you could eat over and over again. A nutty flavor, mild and smooth. Yum. That one was served with Torii Mor Pinot Noir from Oregon.

I love field trips ... it was a fun night with Amy!!!

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