Wednesday, December 9

{companions} citrus for the season

I was at the market to day and was overwhelmed with the wonderful colors and varieties there are right now. I couldn't help myself I had to pick up some of the beautiful varities. Top left are pink variegated lemons, top right pink grapefruit, bottom left these outrageous kumquats and to their right good old beautiful lemons. Now what to make????? hmmmm?

pink variegated lemons... I just might have to slice them and float them in water.

grapefruit ... a sauce. Fresh grapefruit juice some sugar and champagne, maybe some corn syrup if it need some thickness. pour it over a gouda cheese, or over fresh berries, or maybe with some pound cake perhaps. a sorbet sounds good too.

kumquats ... one of my favorite salads. greens, with spinach. toasted slivered almonds, slivered green onions, cubes of cream cheese, and slivered kumquats. mix canola oil, lemon juice or orange juice and some sugar. salt and pepper to taste. I love this wonderful citrus salad.

lemons ... so many options. lemonade, lemon and green beans, lemon mousse, lemon bars, lemon sorbet, lemon creme cookies, lemon chicken, lemon meringue pie - so many options. how about some lemon aioli. crushed garlic, real mayo, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This with fried green tomatoes or with a steamed artichoke to die for!



**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Mmmmm, LOVE lemons and such a great idea...lemon aioli...I would always have it as a tapa in Spain when I lived there.
Hope you're well.
Have a lovely day.

Char said...

mmmmmmmm! I've never used kumquats before I will have to try it.