Thursday, October 8

{in the glass} pink grapefruit martini

This (pink thoughts thursday post for breast cancer awareness in the month of October) is for one of my very best friends and her beautiful mother who is a breast cancer survivor. My wonderful friend, her fabulous mother, her incredible twin sister and her wonderful older sister are celebrating a special birthday this weekend. These are some of the greatest women I know and they are all in one family. What a great job "mom" did - really. These women are strong, fun and so real - they are amazing! I can't say enough except I am so proud and so fortunate to know them. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time together. I lift my glass to you all!

pink grapefruit martini by ann west

2 oz good vodka
splash of cointreau
1-2 oz of fresh pink grapefruit juice
1 tsp of honey or to taste

pour all ingredients in a shaker and shake it. rim glass with honey and super fine sugar if you like. garnish with a thin slice of lime. pour into a glass and have fun!


DesBisoux said...

slange-y-va to your wonderful friend then!

amy and ann said...


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Such a wonderful dedication which sounds so inviting...8pm...or maybe 5pm is better???
Have a lovely day Ann.

Christina said...

i raise my glass to them, i open my heart to them.
love this pink!