Friday, October 9

pete's party: post #3 : menu

#3 reason to love pete : he is so loyal

This is what I am thinking about serving....
what do you think?

the menu:

a fun drink to start
don't know what to do here - help!

a cheese plate
because cheese is my ultimate weakness

crab bisque
I think I can make the base of the bisque a day or 2 ahead and add the crab and
the cognac the day of or that night. I need to try this one first.

a classic bistro main
beef fillet
maybe a horseradish cream sauce to the side

maybe a small sliver of a savory tart like onion
I can do the crust a day ahead and have the onion ready to go too. A heat and serve dish.
scalloped butternut squash and leeks
my sister-n-laws recipe - it's awesome!
now something green, salad, asparagus hmmm
Something easy and simple.

flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream - yum!


I know it is going to be fun. Here are a few pics of the fun napkins that I got at the flea market and some of the other decorations I have in mind. It is getting closer!

fun napkin finds from the flea market
i think i will drape one over each chair

fun paper to make paper garlands


amy and ann said...

love the paper garland idea! can not wait to see. your menu makes me want to pull a no show for my wedding i have to shoot! yikes. Must eb re-created another time, sounds tooo good to be true. And flourless chocolate cake too(you are killing me)!!!

drink ideas:

A Brooklyn:
3/4 vermouth rosso
1 oz rye whiskey
dashes maraschino liqueur

stir well in a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, strain into chilled cocktail glasses.


A Kir:
1 barspoon creme de cassis
dry white wine

spoon cassis into a wine glass and fill with white wine.


A Greyhound

2 oz vodka
grapefruit juice

Pour vodka over ice cubes in a collins glass, fill with grapefruit juice


have fun!

DesBisoux said...

o.m.g...that's going to be one remembered dinner, dear!
the menu sounds heaven to me. funny though that you have the cheese before starter! we have it before dessert in France!
and the Greyhound sounds lovely...
mag xxx

amy and ann said...

Love the idea - I might just have to switch that cheese board around. Thanks for the idea. I love to serve cheese and chocolates at the end if I am not making a dessert. Well basically I just love cheese!


Christina said...

did you say cheese? yummy.
this is going to be fabulous. take lots of pictures of the decorations too. xo

Char said...

I love a greyhound!

the menu sounds yummy. very sophisticated.

Shari Lidji said...

dear ann, i'm so behind on your awesome dollop posts! this party is shaping up beautifully. it's going to be a blast. can't wait to see your sweet garlands and linens. cheers. counting down. xoxo