Tuesday, October 6

{secret indulgence} - chocolate malt

really who can't love a dog that is turned upside down just because they like it. Or maybe it is for extra attention. That feeling of all the weight of your body going the opposite way. I think dogs have it on us. What has my attention is a chocolate malt. Oh yeah... it is right up there with a good piece of homemade pie. I must say after years and many a malt I think I have it down. Some day I hope to have one of those fancy malt blenders with the stainless cup but until then my blender does just fine. This is one of my ultimate secret indulgences... enjoy!

chocolate malt by ann west

vanilla ice cream - 3 scoops
chocolate syrup
powdered malt mix - 2 tbls
vanilla syrup - (like the kind they use for your vanilla latte)
top with whipped cream and a cherry if you are feeling fancy

Blend it all together. For me ... the consistency should be thick enough to use a spoon. No great secret recipe here just delicious!


DesBisoux said...

*high pitch voice* ooooooohhhh....!
i'll never get people who don't love dogs...

ps.i know i'm still due a post on my doggy...

amy and ann said...

such a cute shot!!!! okay I am sad I can not have "malt" this looks sooooo yum. have a great day! amy

amy and ann said...

Amy - I am sure you could make a wicked shake!!!

acommonthread said...

oh, i love love love chocolate malts. it's my favorite thing ever. only i usually buy them from the diner down the block from me. and that picture is so adorable!

Char said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love them muchly

with crushed whoppers on top

Christina said...

i send a tummy rub to this cutie!
: )

Shari Lidji said...

love that lilly! and chocolate shakes too! my favorite are at the h.p. pharmacy. yours sounds yum!