Thursday, October 15

grapefruit salad {pink thoughts - thursday}

a pink photo for you. I feel fortunate today. I have 3 great kids who I love sooooo so much, a wonderful husband, a great family (mom, 2 brothers, in-laws) and outstanding friends. ... and my health. I try hard not to take this for granted. I am so grateful!

have a wonderful day!

grapefruit salad

peel and section pink grapefruit
fresh mint - chopped
1 -2 Tbls honey
1-2 scallion sliced very thin

toss and serve - refreshing!


DesBisoux said...

great pink shot...
glad you're blessed with a wonderful family and are aware of it!

Kwana said...

Beautiful pic. Thanks for the salad.

Char said...

oh yum!!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Great post...

Christina said...

oh, grateful indeed, my friend.