Wednesday, October 14

{companions} acorn squash

ahhhhhh. A little cooler, the markets are bursting with pumpkins the leaves are just beginning to turn. We have had so much rain that I am hoping for wonderful fall of colors. Quite frankly I need some color, some inspiration this week and no more rain please. So much of our produce is offered year round - making the seasons a little blurry in the food department. But the winter squashes will always remind me of fall days and winter dinners. They are warm, sweet and have such wonderful flavor.

There are so many ways to stuff acorn squashed. They make such a perfect vessel for it. These are a couple of simple and easy ways to prepare these squash. Of course my kids LOVE when I make it with brown sugar and butter... really who wouldn't.


roasted acorn squash by ann west

acorn squash split with insides removed
roasting pan

2 ways to cook

#1 You can steam the squash in a pan with cut sides down in about 1 in water at 375 degree oven. It will take about 30 min. Flip the halves over, fill them with one of the below (or your creation) and bake for 10 more min. or so.


#2 Roast cut side up with your filling. Again 375 degree oven. Just make sure your topping has some liquid to it so it doesn't dry out. I like to brush the tops with butter or olive oil.

Endless ways to enjoy:

01. add butter (1 pat) brown sugar and cayenne pepper
02. add maple syrup and pecans ( i like a little cayenne here too!)
03. brush with olive oil, parmesean cheese and red pepper flakes, parsley

Let's add some more here - what have you done? Amy please add to the list I know you have something fabulous!

also :
For more yummy squash recipes check out Amy's recent post on i am a celiac for roasted indian butternut squash ... i can't wait to try. I think the spices in her dish would work well here too. Also what about stuffing it with some of the almond sauteed mushrooms side that amy posted with a little sprinkle of parm. As I said...Endless possibilities!

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