Friday, October 16

pete's party: post #4 : music

#4 reason to love pete: he is just the best!

music: Music has always been a key element to our parties and my husband is totally in charge of it. He has a way of picking just the right music for the crowd. He really knows way too much about bands, artists, musicians. But I love it! I am hoping for some spontaneous dancing late into the evening. (girls we remember what happened last time) all fun! I need to get him moving on a playlist for Pete. We may even give out one of our signature cd. Who knows I can't wait to see what he comes up with. {by the way check his blog out at hit it! ITS great!}

I am definitely feeling the crunch... but in a good way. Can't wait. Next post on Pete's party will be a recap of the nights follies. Do tell!

ps. In the pic above: the beautiful woman in back is Shari from rotten bananas, check her out. She is talking with the nearly famous, Mike Whiteside, who it is rumored, was pictured in a Martha Stewart Magazine. Wow! even celebs turn out for my brother's party.


Mike Whiteside said...

Another great shot, Ann. You captured the magic that I bring to any gathering. As I recall, that was when I suggested that we say a prayer prior to the meal. Right on about Ken's music. One of many perfect touches during an evening at the West's.

DesBisoux said...

i really like these b&w shots...
and that's such a great and thoughtful idea to give a signature CD for people to take home!
one day, when i'm a grown up and i have a house and a proper kitchen, i'd love to through memorable parties like that.(i know i'm a grown up but ya know...)
have a great weekend!
mag xxx

amy and ann said...

gosh this party is going to be here before you know it! It is going to be perfect. XO, amy

Char said...

very cool shot - love the dark tones

Shari Lidji said...

What a fun shot Ann. That was such a great evening. We're looking forward to Saturday! Thanks for sharing your planning along the way.