Monday, October 19

{sharing meals} picnic roast beef sandwich

Picnics. In Dallas now is the time. I think the high was 74 yesterday. Sunny, cool and warm perfect for a picnic. I love fixing a good sandwich, some easy salad and a sweet something for a picnic. Maybe a little wine to the side. Really you don't need much because the food becomes so secondary to the scenery, the people you are with and that feeling of relaxation. It sounds so good.

Here is an idea for a roast beef sandwich. I hope I can fit a picnic in with the kids before the weather gets too cold.

Roast Beef Sandwich for a picnic by ann west

good french baguette
good lean roast beef sliced thin
horseradish mayo sauce
fresh basil
white cheddar cheese

Split your bread. Mix mayo, horseradish, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice to taste (i like mine spicy) and spread on both sides of bread. Layer the roast beef, fresh basil, cheese and lettuce. Cut and wrap for your picnic. enjoy!


amy said...

just added to your post over at i am a celiac! XO. amy

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Do you think 2 degrees is still warm enough for a picnic?
Oh, that's like 39 degrees for you...
The sandwish and heat sound like a wonderful pairing!

DesBisoux said...

for whatever reason, that post makes me very mellow...

but you're spot on with roast beef sandwich! one of my fav'!