Sunday, September 27

{companions} orange honey butter

photo by ann west

orange honey butter by ann west

I have always loved honey butter. I love it with rolls, biscuits ... i will slap it on a saltine. There is something about having it all mixed together - like it is almost icing but not quite. I like this recipe because it reminds me of the yummy orange rolls of the South. All good.

1 stick sweet cream butter soft
1 - 2 tbls good honey
zest of 1 orange
1 tsp orange juice - fresh

Mix together until creamy and butter is completely blended. Adjust sweetness and place in refrigerator to firm up. Serve and enjoy. If you are like me you will run out of things to spread it on.


DesBisoux said...

when i'm in the states, i ALWAYS get honey butter on my bagels! i love it!

amy and ann said...

oh...whatr a great memory honey butter is for me too! so, we JUST got home. Missed our flight and 3 stand by flights got bumped. So! Holy Sh#@!. But we made it. it rained the entire wedding wknd. I am SO glad to be home. funny story to tell you. remind me about the flower girl dress bribe! I need to talk to you today re: c's turtle. details please~

amy and ann said...

oh...that was me, amy