Sunday, September 27

{sharing meals} brunch menu - #1

photo by ann west

Growing up my mother loved to entertain. Her favorite meal to make was brunch. Eggs, english muffins, salads... it was never over done or too fancy just really good. Today we are having family over for brunch. It is beautiful out today no rain. A great way to start the day!

here is my menu recipes below:


virgin mimosas (orange juice and ginger ale)

leek and asparagus quiche
bacon and cheese quiche

spinach salad with walnuts and cranberries

roasted tomatoes

fresh fruit

yeast rolls with orange honey butter

coffee and iced tea



Christina said...

i love memories like this.
the roasted tomatoes, that to me, would make this salad. Swoon~ it's so, so beautiful here, friend.

ann said...

Ok I served the tomatoes to the side but LOVE the idea of adding them to a salad. Even with something sweet. Yum. Thanks for the idea. Glad it is beautiful where you are.


Camilla said...

This sounds amazing.... *yum*

amy and ann said...

leek and asparagus quiche, yum!