Thursday, September 2

Route 66 and a burrito as big as your head

Some photos for you of our trip home from summer vacation
... a stop here and there ... on old Rt. 66.

And a little Nat King Cole for your listening enjoyment!

This was my favorite! The Blue Swallow Motel, now I just need Don Draper!

No kidding it was as big as your head. From Del's Dinner!

Chicken fried steak strips, with good ole thick gravy and some fries.
Oh yea and a bit of parsley for some green!


Burrito as big as your head..... went something like this

the largest flour tortilla ever
refried beans - the real ones - no non-fat here
cheese - lots of it
mexican rice
con carne - beef in an enchilada sauce
sauce - mole or ranchero
more cheese
sour cream to round it out


Shari Lidji said...

fantastic post!!!! love it. such a fun collection of photos. we should do a girls road trip down route 66 sometime. we'll invite don to go along. really great ann..xo

Char said...

love love love - what a great trip!

Anonymous said...

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Bryan said...

the pictures are great, I want to make the Route 66 trip now. I Love the idea of chicken fried steak strips!