Monday, September 6

{the dish} Easy Clam Sauce

I have had this recipe swimming around in my mind for some time. My mother used to make this and I was always so impressed. It is amazing what can impress a child. This simple sauce seemed strait from a fancy restaurant for me.

Now certainly I would love to spend the time gathering, cleaning and preparing fresh clams .... how cool would that be. That smell of the ocean and the slight taste of the sea in every bite! but wake up ann you live in Dallas not Nantucket! So it is off to the grocery for some good ole canned clams. They do the trick, and save you some hassle. But if I had the chance ... count me in clam diggers and all! Just saying!

First this sauce by its very nature of onion, garlic and butter makes your house smell amazing.
It is easy, simple and delicious - more amazing.

My mother always had these great casual gatherings where she would make 3 different kinds of sauce, red sauce with meat, a sausage (or something like that) and this clam sauce. The great thing about this sauce is you can put a little on your plate and it goes a long way. And if you happen to pair it with a nice meat sauce you can eventually mix them together and create a whole new taste! Volia!

easy clam sauce by ann west and mom!

butter 1/2 stick or more - unsalted please
3 cans of chopped clams - drained but not pressed
3 - 4 cloves garlic
1/2 onion chopped fine
2 good handfuls of fresh parsley chopped
squeeze of lemon
pepper & salt to taste

Melt your butter and saute the onion and garlic until you can't stand it anymore. Toss in your clams and let simmer. Before you serve toss in the fresh parsley. Give it a squeeze of lemon and serve with some parm, a good crusty bread and a green salad. Lovely!

Now have some friends over and enjoy!


Kristen In London said...

How lovely, Ann! I had the most wonderful fresh-shucked Long Island Sound clams this summer... but as far as preparing shellfish go, my experiments with crabs for my television contest TOTALLY cured me of any desire to do it all the time! I do think you're right about the aroma... all I have to do is melt some butter and olive oil, start sauteeing garlic and both Avery and John fall for it every time! "What's THAT? It smells so good!" Brilliant post.

Kristen In London said...

What is the red sauce on the side?

ann said...

That is a red sauce that I think I had frozen. i just wanted to give my kids a choice. good to hear from you!

Kristen In London said...

Ah, I do that too! Two dishes in one, really!

Alison said...

Ann- I came across your blog a few weeks ago as a link from another blog. your photos and recipes are wonderful & inspirational. I will definitely be trying this recipe in the future! Thank you