Wednesday, July 28

{the dish} asian inspired fish tacos

Tonight ... I did not get chopped!

My kids were skeptical ... heck I really didn't know if it would work. A had a bit of this and a touch of that ... I had about 40 minutes... and in my basket: fish, mushrooms, mango and edamame ... time was a ticking...

So that is where it started and this is where it ended ... a really fun go at a taco.

But the pressure was building and the judges (a.k.a. my kids) were getting hungry. So I had to act quick. I soaked the fish in coconut milk, lime and lemon grass 1/2 hour. Made a salsa of mango, edamame, cilantro and jalapeno with lime and let that sit.

I tossed the fish in panko and sauteed it in a little sesame oil and olive oil. Unfortunately the breading did not hold to the fish. I knew my judges (a.k.a. my kids) might take off points but .... since this was a taco meal it didn't really matter so I kept going- I did make sure that I scraped the bottom of the pan and got all of the stuck breading ... that is where the flavor is at baby!

I served the taco with warm white corn tortillas with a side of asian slaw (store bought ... shoot another deduction)... I was done. Simple, fresh and fun. Did I make it????? Should we switch to a commercial break to beef up the intensity of the moment?

We loved it and happily I made it to the next round!

asian inspired fish tacos by ann west

marinate your fish in:

1/2 can coconut milk (shake the can to incorporate the fat into the milk)
2 limes squeezed
1 -2 stalks of lemon grass (if you don't have this no worries perhaps some basil might do)

Shake this all together and pour over your fish and let sit for 1 hour or more. I used cod, but tilapia or another white mild fish will do fine.

mango edamame salsa by ann

1 cup edamame (i used frozen and just thawed)
1 good handful of cilantro
1 mango peeled and chopped
1 jalapeno finely chopped
1 1/2 limes juiced
salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne

mix and let sit.

shiitakes if you wish .... chop with some onion or shallot and saute in olive oil and sesame oil add salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime. done!


Kristen In London said...

Another coup de grace, Ann! I have never done "tacos" however inspired at home, having been traumatized by a childhood experience at Taco Bell! I must try this. What I love is lots of flavors together, every bite a little different. And I love the plate in the first photo.

I too have had the problem of breading not sticking to fish (mine were shrimp). My husband thought it was more a matter of "what on earth do commercial fish have on them to MAKE the breading stick" than what mine were missing. It could be that we need a thicker batter? But scrape away, baby!

I'm about to blog about my most recent obsession: everything wrapped in a lettuce leaf! It's a similar idea, isn't it?

Bryan said...

OK Iron Chef this looks and sounds delicious. You could have given Morimoto a run for his money especially if the judges (aka your kids) were setting the meals side by side. The mango edamame salsa sounds wonderful.