Friday, June 4

{field trip} to the land of food & wine

My cousin had the most beautiful wedding in the wine country this past weekend. It was amazing. The weather, the flowers... really everything was amazing. Of course being a former caterer of baked goods ... I had to search out a bakery. Well we found it and it did not disappoint! For me the mark of a great bakery is bread and puff pastry - this one had both. I could have gone back everyday but not all mere mortals have my same obsession - smile!

There was something for everyone ... even fido!

The thing about the wine country is generally everyone is happy.
They are there to indulge, have wonderful food, drink some great wine and relax.
Hmmmmmm I think I could do that!

The next time I am in the wine country (dream, dream) I think I will take this cool bike ... ride around and look at the flowers ... drink a little wine ... and have my fill of chocolate almond croissants from the "bouchon" bakery in Yountville!


Char said...

sounds like a great day!

debbie said...

these are really nice images.

also, i love french bakeries, yum.

Jane said...

love these pictures! I want to go to wine country with you!! girl trip?!