Thursday, April 22

{rise 'n shine} kitchen sink hash

Whenever you refer to something that has to do with food as "the kitchen sink" it usually turns out to be a soulful combination of what you have in your refrig or pantry. So it was last weekend.

kitchen sink hash by ann west

Of course any good breakfast dish starts with a little bacon!

I had a couple of peppers, a quarter of a red onion, some eggs, cheese. Hmmmm

starting off good. Saute the bacon then add the potatoes and cook for a bit. Add the onion and pepper and cook until the potatoes are soft and they start to brown.

Scramble some eggs. Salt and pepper to taste on it all. My kids like a little cheese... and they ate every bit. happy breakfast!

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amy said...

that looks oh-so-good! amy :)