Tuesday, April 13

{party} Big Mad Night

It all started with a mutual love of the movie "The Big Night" and an infatuation with the series "Mad Men". If you haven't seen either be prepared to be transformed. "The Big Night", has been on my top ten list of all time favorite movies. It makes me laugh, and salivate all at the same time. "Mad Men" the mid century cool show is just fun! Together with the period dress, music and a strong martini or two it was a night to remember!

filling canoli

dressed up dinner

lemon asparagus risotto was to die for. ( martinis and bubblegum cigarettes a must!)

ok maybe a few real ones two. Check out this cool case!

Timpano - the celebrated dish from "the big night". Layers of pasta, meatballs, ragu sauce, eggs, prosciutto, bashmel sauce all wrapped in a flakey dough. Amazing.

A wonderful night with friends!


amy and ann said...

so super cool. love love lovethe photos! amy

Shari Lidji said...

dear ann, what an amazing post of what looked to be an amazing evening. wow. s

sue whiteside said...

Everyone looked great, and your photos are incredible. Thanks for letting us in on your party!

Joslyn said...

this is genius!!!!!!!!!