Thursday, January 28

{piggyback} chicken & veggies over spinach

A piggyback meal. My mother is a pro at this. I am always amazed at what she can do with a refrigerator of leftovers. A piggy back meal is a meal using leftover to recreate something great!

last nights dinner: grilled chicken, roasted veggies (onion, yellow and red pepper, & eggplant), with cheese polenta.

tonight's dinner: saute spinach with garlic -thought about making some pasta but skipped it. Heat olive oil add grape tomatoes, leftover veggies from last night, and leftover sliced chicken from last night. add some red pepper flakes. Serve the veggie chicken mix over the spinach. Top with a little feta or parm. Done!


amy and ann said...

good job! Will your kids eat feta? Mine won't. I wish they would. :)

frenchie said...

as usual the pictures are gorgeous and make my stomach rumbbles! please tell me photos is actually your full time job!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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