Thursday, January 7

{just for you} i picked a peck of pickled peppers

can you say it 5 times real fast?

I love pickles. All types kinds and flavors. Pickled peppers, beans, okra, onions, carrots... really all of it. When I was a kid I used to hallow out dilled pickles and stuff them with cheddar cheese. Weird but really good! These pickles are cut thick for snacking on and they have quite a kick - so watch out and adjust for your taste.

I was at a party and one of my friend who is from the New Orleans area brought some pickles that she had made by re-pickling dilled pickles. They were soooooo good. I took her basic recipe and added my own touch. Unfortunately (being my first time) my measuring consisted of a little of this and a little of that but I don't think you need to be exact here. This may be my year to pickle so look for more upcoming pickling ideas! enjoy!

spicy icebox pickles by ann west

14 - 20 pickling cucumbers sliced thick
(cut the ends short and toss them - no one ever eats the ends)
1 onion sliced thin
4 - 8 cloves garlic
4 or so jalapenos cut thick (optional, this is if you like them with a real kick)
1/2 jar tabasco sauce
white vinegar to cover
1-2 tsp dried dill
3 or more cups sugar
1/4 cup or more salt
fresh ground pepper

Mix it all together. The sugar will take some time to dissolve. I stirred often until it had dissolved. Taste the marinade and make your adjustments. Then stuff the pickles into jars with liquid to cover. Refrigerate for 2-3 days. They make fun gifts for friends. enjoy!


Char said...

quite the wicked pickle right? *laugh*

Sounds great but I would have to tone it down a tad (or more).

one of these days I'm going to do some pickles. i will.

ann said...

I know I am such a "hot" head. I will try and post some recipes for a milder taste - which i love too!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

YUM...I love sweet pickles too!
Have a lovely afternoon!

Shari Lidji said...

Ann, I think I'll make your pickles for brunch in Bastrop next weekend. Perfect accompaniment.