Sunday, November 22

{field trip} Lucky Layla Farms - fantastic!

If you have read Amy's post at i am celiac, about our fabulous field trip you have an idea of how in love we are with this artisan dairy that is so close to home. The Lucky Layla Farm is set on around 300 acres of land plopped right in the middle of Plano, Texas. Three generations of passion have gone into making this beautiful farm that boasts some of the best Guernesey and Jersey cows there are. The owner, wife, two kids, father-n-law, and a man named "whiskers" made our late morning adventure into a wonderful memory. We were welcomed from the start, with a tour of every building and a trek out to the pasture where we saw some of the prize cows and a special glimpse of a day-old darling calf.

What I loved about Lucky Layla is that I have now seen where these delicious products are made. I have met the man that tends the cows, toils over their health and the cleanliness of his facility. It is such an empowering feeling to really know where your food has come from. And the product ... well truly speaks for itself. We were treated to some of the yogurt cheese that is as close to heaven as is comes. Thoughts of dipping strawberries, making panna cotta and just secretly eating spoonfuls of this unbelievably delicious cheese haven't left me yet.

As Amy mentioned we are both sold on the raw milk that they sell at their farm store. This milk with the cream that rises to the top is wonderful. My kids thought it was so cool that they were drinking milk that came strait from the cows I saw. We enjoyed skimming the cream off the top and pouring it over strawberries. So great!

Ok so enough, enough. If you live in Dallas you must check it out and search for the Lucky Layla brand in our local markets and specialty stores. And on my next visit to the farm I hope to find out where the name "Lucky Layla" came from.... can't wait!


Char said...

mmmm, fresh cream, that sweet little baby calf. sounds like a great day.

Christina said...

oh this is heavenly! that cream looks so inviting.
i adore these photos.

amy said...

what a great post that captured it all perfectly!!! XO. amy

sue whiteside said...

Beautiful pictures Ann! Must have been a fun day. Can't wait to try some of their products.

DesBisoux said...

great shots! these strawberries...mmmm!

Boatman Geller said...

great post annie!