Sunday, October 4

{companions} rice 4 ways

Ok first you need to check out Amy's post at i am a celiac. She posted 4 fillings for yummy tacos. I loved it! Can't wait to try. As I was preparing my rice for tonight's dinner I thought of all the ways I do rice - there are so many. Really it could be endless. So I am going to give you my basic recipe and then some of my more embellished versions. I would love to hear how you all do rice. It is such an easy and great side for dinner. Can't wait to share!

rice {a couple of ways} by ann west

n0. 1 - basic

basmati rice amount according to package
liquid based on directions minus 1/2 cup water and add 1/2 cup of white wine
add a chicken bullion cube
cook according to directions

n0. 2 - asian

rice amount according to package directions
substitute all or part of the liquid for coconut milk
cook according to directions
(if you want more add a slice of fresh ginger while you cook it, and fresh chopped cilantro after)

n0. 3 - Mexican

saute onion and red pepper in pan
add 1 tsp cumin
add 3 tbls tomato paste
rice amount according to package direction
water according to directions
cook according to directions
(if you want more you could add a can of chopped chilies and some cilantro - after it is cooked)

n0. 4 - Italian

Cook rice according to directions
Add 1-2 tbls pesto after it is cooked
(no cilantro here, parsley if you want)

I hope this give you some ideas. I don't think rice must match the style of the meal you are preparing but sometimes you want a little oomph. enjoy!

check out n0. 5 on amy's blog a cheese rice version - yum.


Char said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love asian anything really

amy and ann said...

yum! i will add no.5 on mine today!!! you will love it, I am sure you have had it though. as easy as it gets.

amy said...

ok, added my no 5. rice!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I love all of these would work...and making it with coconut milk sounds divine!
Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

it's just a universal food. rice is a food i can turn to, even when i am not feeling the best, in the tummy. my grandmama, used to make it for me, when i was a little girl. i think of rice, i think of comfort. ; )