Thursday, September 17

pete's party: post #1 - planning

Today I am going to give you the first in a series of posts to follow in the next couple of weeks. The recipe: my brother's birthday party...

#1 reason to love Peter - he is the ultimate optimist!

It is time to start my planning for my brother's Birthday Party. I love a good party. Whether it is just for my family, an intimate group or a larger herd ... I love them. I am not saying that it isn't work or that I don't get stressed out ... I absolutely do. But I love when the party begins, the music is going, the chatter, the laughter. It's worth it.

Just a bit ago my brothers took me on a wonderful trip for my Birthday. It was so special and fabulous that I really wanted to do something nice for Peter for his special day. He loves my group of friends so we decided to have a party at my house. We are having it Oct. 24 ... He said just have a dinner party and I will show up. Heck - no - its your Birthday buddie ... So here it goes...


post #1 : Peter's Party - Planning

My to do list for the party:

Invitations & guest list

Today I am just going to concentrate on a fun guest list and a cool invitation. I am only sending 5 or so out so I think I will go to Paper Source find some cool paper and hand write them. I always get a little nervous when handwriting. I think I need some practice.

dear guests - come for fun
see you then

maybe too simple?



Shari Lidji said...

i'm so excited to be on your guest list! your parties are the best.

amy and ann said...

i am so sad I have to shoot a wedding! wish we could be there!!! Can't wait for your next excuse to throw a party!! amy