Monday, September 21

{in the pot} lentils

This recipe comes strait from my mother. It is warm and comforting and so versatile. Our lentils usually start out as a soup and morph into a salad or a dip. These can be made the day of or they can sit and gain depth overnight. I am not sure when she started making lentils but I have been eating them and loving them for some time now. If you haven't tried the lentil its time.

lentils by ann west

lentils - it really doesn't matter which type
bay leaf
salt & pepper
chicken bullion

In a soup pot saute your onions first. Then add diced carrots and celery. (I prefer in this dish to dice them small). Cook for a couple of minutes add your lentils and enough water to cover. Add your bullion cube & bay leaf. Let these simmer for 20 minutes or so. Check the water level and add accordingly. Once the lentils are tender add cumin, a bit of curry, salt and pepper and a splash of vinegar to taste. Let them cook a little longer. Adjust the seasonings again. (you can add cooked chicken if you want a more hearty soup)

I serve these with some great crusty bread, a yummy salad. I top the soup with a sprinkle of shredded parmesan cheese and some hot sauce or some peppered vinegar. Lemon is also great. My mother loves to melt cheese on the left overs and us it as a dip. Try throwing them into a salad or using them as a side dish. enjoy.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I love lentils and think I have ALL those ingredients...what a wonderful World we live in...when others make up your Dinner menu for you...
THANK you Ann!

amy and ann said...

oh i love lentils. yum. im getting in the mood for winter cooking! how about you? soups, stews, lentils...i am seeing lots of yummy things for cool nights coming up soon! oh(great photo!)