Wednesday, October 13

{in the pot} ohhhh so easy pumpkin soup

What is it about this time of year and pumpkins. They make me happy. And like my previous post about purple potatoes I really don't remember seeing the endless variety of pumkins when I was a wee one. White, black, green, intense orange, varigated, warty, smooth .... beautiful. It is so fun looking and dreaming of the combinations.

For me and my kids it will be the traditional pumpkin. A good ole orange pumpkin where the triangle eyes and missing toothed mouth are apparent. When we carve pumpkins we do it like I did as a kid ... with a knife, a big spoon, a lots of news paper for the GUTS.

But variety is good.
I loved these white pumpkins and gourds and all of their perfect imperfections.

These pumpkins are much like this soup. At its simplest it is divine, but if you want you can add spices and discover all types of varieties.....

pumpkin soup by ann west

1 shallot - chopped fine
3 cups pumpkin
2-3 tbls brown sugar
3-4 cups chicken broth
pinch of white pepper
1/2 tsp cumin or more
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of sage
pinch of cayenne
salt to taste

1/2 cup of half and half or cream (optional)
Topping to garnish.
Saute your shallot in some oil in a soup pot until caramelized. Add your brown sugar and stir. Add your chicken broth and let simmer for 10 minutes or so. Then add your pureed pumpkin.
*ok you can roast your pumpkin if you like but I think canned pumpkin is fine. (that is what makes it Ohhh so easy anyway!). Now add your spices. Taste and adjust. Blend your soup.

Now hold on... this soup is wonderful as you have made it so far... it is savory and delicious! If you want to cut fat then go no further. However, if you like your soups a bit creamier then read on.

Add your half and half or cream in a slow stream. Heat for 30 more minutes and serve. many options here:
Fried sage leaf, toasted pumpkin seeds, float a crouton and sprinkle parm on top, thyme, green onion, bacon ... I could go on and on. Variety the spice of life!



Kristen In London said...

I tried "fresh" pumpkin soup and it was a disaster: no pumpkin taste or color, just chicken stock flavor. I'm going to take your lead and go with canned! Thanks for the gorgeous recipe, as always!

Jane said...

sounds delicious! can't wait to try it!

Anne Yoakam said...

the fried sage looks yummy. can't wait to try!