Sunday, August 15

Summer vacation at moms

Hope your summer is going well.
Here are a couple of shots from my mothers paradise and the yummy food we had.
Recipes and more pics to come. Enjoy the last of summer!

This is a fun sculpture we created from branches and bones we found on site! Kinda creepy too.

Lots of hikes...

Choke cherries were plentiful. A bears delight ... we made a jam!

ceasar salad for a yummy lunch ...

It was cool enough to enjoy soup... pazole ... delicious!

I will be back soon with recipes ... take care friends!


Char said...

looks like an amazing summer

Shari Lidji said...

I know you had fun Ann! Can't wait to hear the details. Beautiful pics as always. I miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Christina said...

this spells SUMMER! : )