Monday, August 23

{the dish} Lamb Chops and a Deconstructed Pesto Parsley Sauce

First I must say thank you for bearing with me. Nothing worse in the blogging world than when your computer is down. So here I am back in business with a fixed display panel and graphics processor. I don't know about you but it is kind of like taking my car in... they could tell me anything and I would say .... hmmm ok fix it NOW!

This sauce is the highlight of the dish. It is fresh and crisp and makes even lamb scream - summer. Just like when you look out the window of your car and the sun has hidden itself for just a moment and WOW. Everything is crisp and bright and amazing.

I served the sauce with lamb, mashes and some grilled asparagus. I truly built the meal around the sauce. I have had this sauce swimming around in my head for some time and finally it had to be made real. So I decided that lamb would pair so well with parsley and garlic and well I have a ton of basil in the garden so I might as well add that. Then some olive oil, lemon, red pepper and salt. There you go.

... and you just have to have a little mash with lamb. I like my mashes rough. I leave the skins on and as much as I mash - they are a still lumpy. Don't let me lead you astray I do appreciate a creamy mash that is like velvet - I am just impatient!

Pesto Parsley Sauce by ann west

a generous handful of italian parley chopped
4 cloves of garlic chopped
a generous handful of basil chopped
small handful of pinenuts chopped
red pepper
and olive oil
1 lemon

Chop chop chop. Add oil and spices. Squeeze the lemon stir and taste! This will be great with some tomatoes added tomorrow onto of some toasted bread - can't wait.

For your Lamb Chops : Rub with olive oil, salt and pepper them, they don't need anything else. Grill to your preference!

For your Mashes: Gold potatoes boiled and drained, generous amounts of melted butter, buttermilk, salt and pepper. Mash until you loose patience and then serve. My husband and I like a little horseradish mixed into ours.



Kristen In London said...

Oh you're killing me, Ann! It's exactly 11:49 p.m where I am and NOW... I am totally starving. And what's the chance there are grilled lamb chops in my future in the next 15 minutes? I do have pesto in the fridge, not as pretty as yours, but I could spread it on an English muffin...

It's partly your gorgeous recipes, but it's also your lickety-split, happy style, and your angled, REAL LIFE photographs... hell, it's the whole picture! Your blog is a delight.

Anonymous said...
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sue whiteside said...

Awesome Ann. When can you make again and invite me to dinner? Beautiful post.