Thursday, July 15

{nibble} peachy peppers

Just in case you missed this over at amy and ann.... peaches are still really good right now!

So I figure since I live in Texas I should at least give the peach its due. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits (don't I say that about all the fruits come to think of it?) But really. A truly good - just ripe peach ... hard to beat.

In Texas this year, I hear it is suppose to be a "bumper" crop. That - for us lay people - means a good year for peaches. Oh I can't wait.... peach pie (a must), peach preserves, some peach salsa, peach ice cream, peaches in salad. There are just so many ways to celebrate the peach.

But really. When they are ripe, at room temp and you bite into one... and the juice is just running down your arm. Oh... and your tempted to lick it off because it is sooooo sweet and good. Now that is the way to eat a peach!

But just in case you want to expand your horizons... here I have married the heat of jalapeno, with the coolness of cream cheese and the sweetness of the peach and of course the bacon ... well it speaks for itself.

peach jalapeno poppers by ann west

6 -12 jalapenos
8 oz cream cheese
handful of chopped cilantro
pinch or two of smoked paprika
applewood smoked bacon
1-2 peaches (slightly firm) peeled and sliced

preheat oven to 375 degree. Mix the cream cheese with the paprika and chopped cilantro. Slice the jalapeno length wise and again across the top and deseed and devein. Stuff the jalapeno with the cream cheese mixture and one slice of peach. Wrap in bacon and skewer with tooth pick. Place all of the stuffed peppers on a baking sheet lined with foil and cook in oven for 30 minutes or until done.



My name is Jennifer and I have a passion. said...

I love this recipe! I will be trying it myself very soon :) I have also "followed" you so that I can see what other delights you have to share!

Char said...

oh man...i'm drooling

Kristen In London said...

Ann, what a pleasure your blog is! I long to eat a peach now (Connecticut peaches can be mealy, which is such a disappointment when you bite into one!), with all these savory ingredients. I just made goat-cheese-stuffed hot peppers last night, lovely.

Cali the cat is making me terribly homesick for London, where we leave our four furry friends for the summer, as we head to America.

Great to be back in touch! Visit me at my blog when you have a chance... :)

Bryan said...

Oh my God pure genius. This has got to be the best medley of flavors EVER!

Lisa (Homesick Texan) said...

Peaches, bacon and jalapeños together? Now that's brilliant!