Thursday, July 22

{in the glass} blackberry prosecco float

a perfect summer treat...

First you have to start with fresh blackberries (ok I suppose you could use frozen - I am sure that would work fine - however you would miss out on the part where you literally have to slap your hand to keep from popping anymore fresh blackberries in your mouth). Ooooh and the color ... I want a blackberry dress or boots ... beautiful!

Next you need to make some wonderful blackberry syrup. Now the applications here are endless. You will use this in the float and for so much more. Syrup for pancakes, in a yummy cocktail, drizzled over ice cream or yogurt, into a sauce for meat over some goat cheese ... endless I tell you ... endless.

blackberry syrup by ann west

4 pints of fresh blackberries
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water or a little less
tiny squeeze of lemon

heat and reduce for about 20 minutes and watch how those beautiful colors turn. So exciting. Strain your syrup, pressing all of the solids and getting every last bit of the wonderful syrup into your bowl. (i love a wire double mesh strainer here). Let your syrup cool.

again the color....

black berry prosecco float by ann west

2 scoops your favorite vanilla ice cream
layer this with black berry syrup
add some fresh blackberries that have a squeeze of lemon on them (tossed with thyme would be extra fancy)
fill the glass with some crisp prosecco
garnish with a mint leaf and lemon zest

delicious and a fun summer treat for adults!

Here are couple more fun drink ideas for blackberries this summer! enjoy.

blackberry fizz by ann west

in a clear 8oz glass add
4 tbls blackberry syrup
fill with soda water (you could add some lemonade too, this would make it more of a punch!)

blackberry italian cream soda by ann west

2 - 3 tbls blackberry syrup
club soda
1/4 or so of half and half

yum! I hope you enjoy one or all three!


amy said...

all look so good. I LOVE blackberries! happy day. I got 4 hrs sleep last night so slow day for me.

Shari Lidji said...

absolutely gorgeous ann! WOW!

sue whiteside said...

This looks amazing Ann. I love your pictures. So beautiful! Thanks for the great summer treat.


Mary said...

Ann, your photographs are really amazing. The food, of course, looks marvelous, but the shot of the storm clouds is close to amazing. Your blackberry recipes will be put to good use in my kitchen. I hope the day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

Bryan said...

OH MY GOD! How beautiful! From the beautiful pictures to the just imagining what that beautiful float must taste like. How wonderful.