Monday, June 28

{nibble} simple avocado

Just looking at this amazing fruit makes me smile. First the beautiful colors - the vast contrast between the dark skin and its bumpy texture to the vibrant green and bright, yellow, soft and creamy middle to the warm brown, firm seed. Really just take a look.

Sometimes simple is best or at least really really good.

Now the first time I had an avocado I was in pre-school. WOW it must have made such an impression. The teacher served it sliced with some miracle whip salad dressing. I thought I was so adult because I actually liked it. In fact this experience might have begun my long climb to adoring food. The simple avocado ... I can't think of a better introduction!

simple avocado appetizer by ann west

2 firm-ripe avocados chunked
good olive oil
kosher salt
cracked pepper

I am not even giving instructions because you know what to do. Every time I serve this everyone loves it. enjoy!


sue whiteside said...

This looks awesome Ann. I will absolutely make this week! Thanks!


amy said...

yummmmmm. All of our avocados this week have been bruised and brown. these look amazinG! great photos Ann! amy

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Mary said...

This looks wonderful. It is a simple but elegant way to start a meal or simply nibble. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Christina said...

you out did yourself, with this one!! putting this on my menu for next week.