Monday, May 3

{meal planning} a week of easy no fuss meals!

Lately this is what my days have looked like after school. It is a mess. A frenzy of ... you go here and I go there ... make sure you have your .... did you do ... how much homework ... can he get a ride with .... If you take him him there then I can take her here go back , come back....

Now here is my plan so that when and if we are home at the same time we can have a meal!

Monday : Brisket Tacos (from me at amyandann) - easy. It goes in the crock pot and you don't have to worry about it.

Tuesday: Baked Potatoes - sour cream, cheese, possible some left over brisket with BBQ on it too. No need for a recipe just do your thing!

Wednesday: Cuban Black Beans and Rice (from amy at i am celiac ) with grilled chicken. Put the black beans on in the am and forget about them. Grill the chicken and toss a salad - done!

Thursday : Mother Daughter Quick Pasta( from me at amyandann) or mushroom pasta a la gluten free spaghetti (from amy at amyandann). Maybe add some of the grilled chicken from Wednesdays dinner and some yummy veggies to boot!

Whew! There is a week of meals all simple, easy and recipes found here and there at amyandann. Have a great week of meals!

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Char said...

sounds like a great plan and i love any menu where you can incorporate leftovers from the previous day.