Monday, May 10

{companions} broccoli salad

It is time to give a shout out to YORK, PA. That is where my hubby and I first started our life together. Here is the short version of how we ended up starting our life in York...

There I was ready plant my feet in Chicago, and my husband was transfered to Detroit. After a few visits I thought - hey I can do this. So I was set for the motor city... then 2 months before we are to be married he gets transfered to ... York, PA. YORK, PA where is that? And I have never lived on the East Coast and ...Worry, worry, worry!

What I thought would be a dull experience, since York was so much smaller than Detroit and Chicago, turned out to be a wonderful experience! We made great friends, who by the way loved to cook! All said and done it was the best way for us to start our marriage!

If you are ever in YORK, you must with out a doubt check out their farmers market. It puts every other one I have EVER seen to shame. It had every baked good you can imagine (the Pennsylvania Dutch are known for that) - my personal favorite was the extra rolled pie dough sprinkled generously with cinnamon sugar. YUM!

I can't remember which local joint had the broccoli salad - I just remember it being fabulous. Sweet with onion, I think theirs had a bit of bacon too. Well we know how I feel about bacon.
This isn't even a take on the one I had, but it was the inspiration for my salad and took me back to a good ole time!

broccoli salad by ann west

1-2 heads of fresh broccoli cut near the florets
1/2 red onion - diced very fine
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
chopped fresh cilantro
lime juice
sesame oil
dash or two of soy sauce
ground pepper
1-2 tbls mayo
1 tsp sugar or honey

Cut the broccoli, add the onion and seeds. Mix the remaining ingredients until you like the flavor. It should be runny. (this isn't a real mayo heavy salad). Toss and let sit. Enjoy!


jeanie said...

We certainly had some great times!
Let's face it, your friends in York loved to eat what ever you cooked!
Eastern Market on Fridays is now the place to go... Central Market is not what it used to be.
But the cinnamon sticks are still as good as you remember!

ann said...

Jeanie - You are the best. Ok readers if you are out there Jeanie is a great baker and always was ready to try yummy recipes! Oh we had so much fun. The best. So glad you found me. I hope you are well!!!!

Thanks for commenting friend!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

That's great an old friend found you!
Sounds wonderful...isn't moving fun! You get to meet people in your Lifetime you would never have come across...
I have always wanted to try to make a brocoli salad as every time I've eaten one I love Ann, it'll be on the menu for this weekend's BBQ.
Have a lovely day.