Friday, November 13

{thanksgiving favorites} - brussel sprouts with pancetta & a simple salad

All the kids fill their plates... each with a little bit of family memories resting on their china. They make their way to the table. Oh that first bite... what do you choose? A little turkey with gravy and some mash on top or stuffing with a little cranberry?

I remember being excited for all the delicious dishes of the Thanksgiving meal. What was great is that I could count on them year after year. Isn't that what makes the Thanksgiving meal so special. That you can count on that good old bird being crisp and slightly salty on the outside and juicy on the inside. You can count on those yummy mash potatoes (like velvet) sliding down to your tummy. The tart cranberries. The herb filled stuffing. The buttery light as air rolls. And the pie ... the last and so perfect.

Ok well - not all Thanksgiving meals turn out so great but for the most part they are divine. These dishes are nurtured by their creator ... Aunt Wilma's rolls, Aunt Lynnies stuffing, Kitty's scalloped oysters, Bev's irresistible bird and pie's. It is the tradition of gathering around a table, feeling special and just being thankful to be there with people you love. Every week I hope to take just a nano bit of that spirit and give it to my family. I really do love Thanksgiving!


I am not sure I am known for any one item (I might need to work on that) but here are two of my newer additions to the meal, shredded brussels sprouts and a simple salad. The sprouts were adapted from a recipe my good friend Rennee brought to my house one night. A new spin on the not so popular sprout - my kids will eat these. The salad .. well I really can't go a meal without one. This salad is a great way to cut through all the butter and riches of the meal. Perhaps you will try something new this year... then again I say don't mess with a good thing.

Shredded brussels sprouts with pancetta by ann west

1 1/2 lb of brussels sprouts
6 oz pancetta, diced
1 shallot diced fin
1 head radicchio - sliced into slivers
1/4 cup chicken stock - may need a little more
a little butter
fresh thyme

In your food processor with a slicer attachment, slice the brussels sprouts into a "slaw". Set aside. In a skillet heat olive oil and saute pancetta, drain the pan and set the pancetta aside. In the same skillet saute the shallots and thyme and add to the pancetta. Add just a bit of chickent broth to scape the pan and pour over pancetta mix. Wipe out your skillet add some more olive oil and start to saute your sliced sprouts (if they start to stick to the pan add some broth) {I don't like adding too much because I like this sauteed rather than steamed}. When they begin to get soft add you radicchio and shallot/pancetta mixture. Heat until the radicchio is just wilted. Add a pat of butter and season with salt & pepper. enjoy!

Simple Salad by ann west

butter lettuce
green onion - green parts only sliced vertically and soaked in ice water
pomegranate seeds

canola or grape seed oil
lemon juice
tsp or so of sugar
salt and pepper

This dressing is a personal preference thing. Some like it very tart other a little more sweet so adjust to where your taste prefer.

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DesBisoux said...

brussel sprouts is something i eat in an almost religious silence...hoping nobody is going to ask me if i like it!!!
not so fan! but i'm so intrigued by the scalloped oysters!
thanksgiving is my very first memory of living in the states and i love all the yummy food!especially the stuffing!