Monday, November 30

{secret indulgence} - cocoa & hot buttered toast

I grew up in Oklahoma. Not really cold weather country but it has its months where the wind blows and the skies are gray. On the one or two times it actually did snow, we were completely unprepared in the clothing department. We would wear socks for mittens, doubled sweats over jeans and pile layers and layers of shirts and sweaters on for warmth. We would spend hours on hours ... scraping the snow into snowmen, making snow ice cream, erecting snow forts and throwing snowballs at cars... and running!!! It was a blast! We would arrive home half frostbitten, wet and near tears we had played so hard. Mom always made it better. As we stripped down to our underwear she would wrap us in warm towels and make us cocoa and hot buttered toast. I still love that combination today. Warm, filling just plain old good. Those were fun, fun days!

cocoa by ann west

1/4 cup droste cocoa from holland (search this one out it is worth it - actually our local store have started to carry it too! if not use your fav.)
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
Mix into a paste while heating

3 1/2 - 4 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
pinch of nutmeg

serve with marshmallows and hot buttered toast. smiles!

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sue whiteside said...

This brought back such great memories as a kid. Weren't our mother wonderful in making us feel so loved? Thanks for bringing back a fabulous memory. - sue